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Local Bible Study Every Saturday

A local Bible study in the city of Orange, CA

Local Bible Study Orange

5:00 PM  Dinner,  6:00 PM  Study and Song!

All are welcome
For food, fellowship and in-depth-interactive Bible study
with Pastor Tae

Hosted by Jan Myers and Friends

Includes a light supper  – 5:00 to 6:00, then study!
To meet every Saturday


2560 North Canal Street
Orange, CA 92865

714 – 637 – 4742

Email Jan at

Special invitation to pastors and leaders
who need a place to relax and be refreshed.

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Jan Myers
Even though I had been a Bible teacher for many years, I was not only inspired but educated in an in-depth class that Pastor Tae taught. He is skilled in many areas and is generous in his support and encouragement of others. I consider his friendship and ministry very important to me personally. Jan Myers, Bible Teacher & Teacher Trainer at Bible Study Fellowship.

Conney Williams 1
If I had to describe his teaching style, I would call it “thoroughly patient.” That means he provides thorough insight into the text; and is patient, not just trying to cover ground, but strives to bring enlightenment to all.  Conney D. Williams is a Los Angeles based poet, actor and performance artist.

jeff landis

Pastor Tae Shin is biblical, practical and clear.  Members of our church have expressed great appreciation for his ministry.  Pastor Tae has been well received because not only are his messages biblical, they are specific in their application.  No one can leave without a clear understanding of how to apply God’s Word to their situation.  Pastor Jeff Landis, Covenant Presbyterian Church, San Jose, CA 


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Prayer Requires Outrageous Persistence

3 Options:  Audio, Video, Text


Video:  “Walk with Abby”   – Stubborn Persistence

Text:  Prayer Requires Outrageous Persistence
By Pastor Tae Shin, Edited by Irene Matthews

Have you noticed how mild-mannered we are when we approach God?  We are so careful, polite, nice, and courteous.  Just as our mothersjava 6 praying woman taught us as kids to ask nicely for things, that’s how we ask God.  And when we ask him, have you noticed we always use that two letter word, “IF”?  “IF it is your will, please help me, Lord, IF it is your desire, please grand me this, and IF you don’t, well, OK.”

Now, the main reason why we use IF is because we acknowledge God is sovereign and in control over all things, and so, there is a proper place for that two letter word.  But, another reason why we use IF is because we just feel that it’s more proper to be careful and cautious. The problem is that this attitude can make us passive.

Today, let’s be reminded that we must ask earnestly for what we want, even to the point of fighting with God.  That concept may not sound right, but remember Jacob who wrestled with God in Genesis 32?  After an all-night bout, God says to Jacob, “Let me go,” which is an java 6 jacob wrestlingoutrageous concept, as if God can’t get out of a wrestling hold!

But just as outrageously, Jacob denies the request.  He says, “I will NOT let you go unless you bless me.”

To which God asks Jacob, “What is your name?”  Then God says, “your name shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel,” and Israel means, “fight with God.”  In fact, God’s response in the original Hebrew is quite emphatic.  It’s not this long phrase, “Your name shall no longer be Jacob,” but it’s actually two words, “NOT Jacob!”  NOT Jacob, a short strong, blunt statement, emphasizes how he must not be Jacob, but must become Israel.  He is no longer “heal catcher” as his original name Jacob meant (someone who is competitive about the things of this world), but Israel, someone who fights with God for the things of God, and wins.

Having said that, let’s confirm that no one can obligate God to do anything, no one can twist God’s arm and no one can really hold God in a wrestling move, let alone go toe to toe with him all night long.  It’s outrageous!  But somewhere in God’s infinite love and mercy as well as in His plans, He makes room for our outrageous persistence.  So, go ahead and ask him today to bless you and when you ask, hold on tight and don’t let go.

Until next time, remember there is a greater purpose for you life.

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