Why Pastor Tae?

Why should you seek his resources and services?

Three compelling Reasons!

First, Pastor Tae specializes in video counseling.

This make him the realistic choice from anywhere, any device, and any country.  Gone are the days when you were limited to your own town where there might not be a true biblical counseling service.  This is the new reality of connecting with a true biblical counselor with no geographical boundaries.

In addition to removing geographical boundaries, video counseling provides major conveniences to those who are super busy with life.  For the busy parents, it provides a counseling opportunity at home when the children are sleeping.  For the travelling businessman, it provides a counseling opportunity when he is on the road and in the hotel.  For the student, it provides a counseling opportunity when he/she has time before classes.

Second, Pastor Tae is uniquely qualified to provide biblical counseling.  

As an ordained minister, seminary lecturer, and trainer of pastors, he brings over 35 years of pastoral counseling to the practice.  He has been there and done that and bought the t-shirt!  In short, he has the practical experience to deal with the toughest and craziest situations.

It’s one thing to know the Bible, it’s quite another to know how to apply it into the lives of the struggling Christians. In fact, counseling is the one thing that cannot be learned just from textbooks, it has be learned from real life and ministry, experiencing every good and terrible thing under the sun.  You are in good hands.

Pastor Tae has the God-given gift of empathy.  He is able to enter into the experience of the people and suffer with them.  This is the most legitimate way of doing biblical counseling.

He also has the God-given ability to diagnose the problem and provide immediate solutions from Scripture.

Pastor Tae also has specialized resources for the major chapter of life [singleness, marriage, parenting, and midlife].  These resources create the foundation for a uniquely customized counseling experience.

And third, Pastor Tae practices true biblical counseling.

The truth is that not all Christian counseling is the same.  Not all Christian counseling is distinctively Christian.  The counselor may be Christian, but the method may not be Christian.

The Christian should be mindful of the different methodologies and seek counseling that is truly based on the Scriptures.  Because, the end goal is to be more like Christ and to give glory to God.  This is accomplished when the Scriptures are made central to counseling.  To be clear, Pastor Tae provides such biblical and pastoral counseling and not state-licensed therapy.

And because of the clarity of Scripture, the counseling will provide immediate solutions for your life.


You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly he responds.
or, secure a counseling session.


Pastor Tae is also the director of the Titus 2 Ministry which is an online community for married folks which provides encouragement, resources and counseling.  Click >   Titus2Ministry.org 

Here’s an overview of the relationship between PastorTae.com and Titus2Ministry.org 

PastorTae.com provides general life resources and services along with video counseling.

Titus2Ministry.org provides resources and services for all chapters of life




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His interests and hobbies are very broad.  He is a Reuben sandwich connoisseur.  He has a passion for cooking with Italian, Mexican, and Asian styles as his three favorites.  He is an avid gardener with strong interests in landscape design.  He is a sports fan dedicated to the LAKERS, Dodgers, college and pro football, and college basketball.  He is on his way to mastering the jump rope and trains others in health and fitness.  He also has a genuine appreciation for music, art, and photography.  He is an obsessed fan of the Italian Hoagie and the Reuben Sandwich.  He secretly loves to do laundry.  He and his family reside in California, United States of America.

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