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marty-cPastor Tae is a friend and encourager to my life and ministry. In the launching of our church, Pastor Tae helped our team with his skillful knowledge of website design and implementation.  Pastor Marty Celaya, Encouragement Christian Center, Founder of Encouragement International.




PT is formally trained in WordPress to build and design websites.  

He can build a site for you from scratch and to your specifications.

This invitation goes out to:tae-on-laptop

  1. Those who are ministry leaders who understand the importance of an online presence.
  2. Those who are writers who seek to leave an online legacy.
  3. Those who need to promote their business online.  This maybe a simple informational site or an ecommerce site where actual products (physical or digital) are sold.

lee-buskcoPastor Tae, this website is wonderful! To design this has taken a lot of passion, knowledge, and mostly Faith. God has blessed you in more ways than you probably expected, but here you are! Amen!!! Your teaching and skills has preserved, and you have helped so many people over the years with your selflessness in your Faith.  Lee Buskco, Master Instructor, Tae Kwon Do.




PT has PowerPoint expertise and can produce professional PPT presentations to your specifications.

Clients can request from anywhere around the world.

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