Children are like the Promised Land

Children are like the Promised Land

With Mother’s Day approaching, I want share a quick answer about the significance of having children.

Psalm 127:3 declares that “Sons are a heritage from the LORD, Children a reward from Him.   Now, daughters are a heritage too!  I know this, because the Psalms are songs written in poetic form where the first line of poetry is parallel to the second line. As so the first line, “Sons are a heritage from the Lord” is parallel to “Children a reward from Him.”  This means that the first and second line say the same thing. Therefore, children, all children not just sons, are a reward and heritage from the Lord.

This word “heritage” in the original Hebrew is quite profound as it can be translated literally as “inheritance.” In fact, the original word was used to describe the “promised land” that was given to Israel. And so, children are like the promised land that was given by God.

And so, consider the meaning and significance of the promised land, and it will give you insight into the meaning and significance of having children. For, the promised land was a gracious gift from God.  It was freely given but it also came with an obligation.  That obligation was to take care of the land.  Just because it was free did not mean that the people could be care free.  They had to take care it and use it wisely.  And they took care of it because they understood that the land was still connected to the giver of the land.

In the same way, children are a gracious gift from God.  But they come with obligations to take care of them.  And this care was an important way of staying faithful to God.  Whether your children are born to you or adopted or come to you in special ways, they are God’s gift to you to be loved and cared for, just like the promised land.

If you are meeting in a group, you can discuss the following questions:  How significant are your children?  Where did they come from?  What does it mean that they are like the promised land?  How does their significance impact the way that you raise them?  There are many who see children as an intrusion into their lives.  Discuss this and what we can do to raise them better.

So, the next time you see a picture of the holy land, be reminded of your children. What a surprising reminder that will be, and yet so profound. For just as God, in his infinite love and grace, planned to give the land to Israel, God planned to give children as well. Consider today, how children are like the promised land and be reminded that they are a gift from God.

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