His 30 plus years of teaching on diverse topics makes his uniquely qualified to speak on biblical solutions for your life and relationships.

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And the TOPICS covered can be customized to your church or organization’s event.  The following are examples of popular topics.

Life Chapters:  Singleness, Marriage, Parenting, In Laws, Midlife, and death.

Gender-based Ministry:  Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry

Relationship Topics:  Communication, Conflict Resolution, Sexual Conflict

Personal Growth:  Anger, Depression, Biblical Health and Fitness, Losing a Love One

Leadership:  Disciple Making and Leadership Development

Volunteers:  The Art of Recruiting and Training Volunteers

Church Revitalization:  God’s design for the church, membership, growth, revitalization

Christian Calendar:  Special series on Christmas, Easter, The Reformation


andrew-n-michaela-songPastor Tae Shin is a tremendously gifted orator. But more importantly, his words are anchored on solid ground, centered in the Word without deviation. He has the rare ability to teach the Word with a deep passion, making it very difficult to lose focus and attention while listening to him.  I am reminded of a recent marriage seminar at our church where he was invited to be the main speaker.  His presentation was one of the best I’ve ever heard on the topic. His teaching style is simple and conducive to easy listening, and yet extremely effective as the concepts he taught me are still fresh in my mind after many months have passed. Elder / Dr. Andrew Song u0026amp; Family, Yorba Linda, CA.  



Pastor Tae is such a blessing. His devotions always touch my heart and sole. I learn something from his teachings —always. And I have been churched for many many years, and have heard some of the best God has given to this world and I can say that Pastor Tae is at the top.  Bobbie Ash, Orange County, CA




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