Confusion to Clarity

For many, this is a time of transition

For others, this is a special calling

And for some, it’s an unexpected reality


The heart of a single person is an ongoing battleground of unresolved issues.

The relationships of a single person are an ongoing courtship of possibilities.

The church life of a single person can be an ongoing experience of second class treatment.


So, this life chapter can be a time of confusion, insecurities, and discouragement

But here, you will find the resources and services to gain…






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Pastor Tae and his counseling have provided a deep understanding into the intricacies of relationship dynamics. Above all, he has offered a unique biblical lens to look at problems with a certain clarity that imparts relevant solutions now. He has given me the wisdom and ability to tackle personal and relationship obstacles with poise and confidence that I can take well into the future.  Dr. Andrew Chon, Irvine, CA. 



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