Lustful Desire to Serve

Serving God
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Lustful Desire to Serve

Today’s quick answer is about lust!  I know, just saying the word sounds bad.  It’s known to be provocative and evil.  And in most cases in the Bible, the word “lust” connotes something really bad.  But in rare cases, the word can mean something really good.

Yes, there is a good kind of lust as 1 Timothy 3:1 says, “If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task.”  The word “desires” in the original Greek is lust!

Here’s a word that is mostly used to describe those dark impassioned desires that fuel the sinful nature and war against God’s holy standard.  But here in 1 Timothy 3:1, the meaning is definitely not that.  How provocative to describe a good desire as lust!

Well, that’s how intensely good and noble it is to serve the Lord.  So intense, that we should actually lust after such opportunities.

Now this might be a new concept for many believers, because many think of serving God as something passive.  In other words, it’s something that you are invited to do.  Many think it is actually more proper to wait until you are asked to be involved.  Many think that if you assert yourself, that it’s automatically comes from selfish ambitions.

In fact, many insist that it is God who calls you to serve.  And by the way, He does!  But still, many people will choose to wait for some kind of heavenly sign or some divine orchestration of circumstances so that they can say that it was God’s doing all along.

In fact, most churches have selection committees and nominating committees that sift through names and discuss who might be fit to serve.  Then they make phone calls and encourage people to serve.  Consequently, the church members are aware of this process and so they role play and just wait to be asked.  It’s like waiting in a waiting room – waiting and waiting to be asked.  It’s like waiting for the phone to ring.

Now, there is a proper place for waiting to be asked.  And there is certainly the important theology of God leading us and working out all circumstances for His greater purposes in our lives.  But that’s another blog answer for another day.

This quick answer is not about that nor being passive.  It’s about the active or proactive and passionate desire to serve the Lord. In fact, it’s about having a desire so strong that it borders on a kind of lust.

And so, the application of this biblical principle is to go out and make the call.  Send the email.  Write the text.  Create a meeting.  Contact your pastor/leader.  And with each situation, you are creating situations where you might be granted an opportunity to serve.  And if you do, it is considered noble.

Consider today the importance of not waiting but initiating.  That’s a nice phrase, “don’t wait; initiate!”  And move forward with a great passion to serve God and others.




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