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cornerstone-sessionPastor Tae’s leadership and guidance has been essential during this time of transition at Cornerstone Community Church.  His work as a consultant to our session has helped us to reprioritize and re-invigorate many of our ministries by assessing needs and applying his razor-sharp focus to the big picture. The term “visionary” is often thrown around too carelessly these days, but Pastor Tae truly embodies that description. His enthusiasm and drive is infectious and we would highly recommend his services to any church.   Robert Chapa, Clerk of the Session at Cornerstone Community Church


Perhaps foremost is Pastor Tae’s ability to mobilize potential leaders within the church first by helping them identify their unique competencies, second by aiding them in finding a need that matches well with their gifts and abilities, and third by equipping them with the knowledge and training necessary to lead that ministry. He does so with patience and compassion, ministering unto those that he is developing for leadership.  As an elder, I personally have benefited from Pastor Tae’s ministry. He has provided us a biblical understanding of what it means to be an elder through an excellent in-depth training program that he himself has put together. I remember well our interview with Pastor Tae. At one point in that interview, he looked us in the eye and stated “you can count on me. I will not drop the ball.”  No truer words could have been spoken.  In an age when clichés are common and promises cheap, Pastor Tae has been a man of action.  Elder / Dr. Peter Hill, Professor at BIOLA University, La Mirada, CA