Look Back and Remember

Remember what God did for you
Then give thanks for His grace in your life
Not forgetting is a spiritual issue
Your past is not all bad
Look back into your life and see how God has poured His grace and benefits upon you.

Remembering what God has done in our lives is a very important spiritual exercise.

I am reminded of Psalm 103:2 where it says:  “Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” 

Here, King David commands his own soul to remember all the benefits that God has given him.  The truth is that our hearts often need prompting.  And it is our faith that can stimulate our hearts to give thanks.

And so, David gives thanks by remembering God’s benefits.  I find this world “benefits” to be a surprising concept in the original Hebrew Scriptures.  I remember studying it and being caught off guard when I learned that “benefits” has the idea of payback.  That’s a stunning concept when you think about how we understand payback today.  For us, payback is a direct response to something good or bad. 

If someone is treated badly, there is usually a negative payback.  And if someone is treated well, the payback is definitely a positive one.  In other words, the payback is directly tied to what the person deserves in return. 

That’s how today’s movies tell the story.  From Charles Bronson to Steven Segal, the movie is a predictable drama of being treated very badly and then the rest of the movie is payback time!  And everyone who behaved badly is paid back just as badly.  And watching these popular movies, such payback makes a lot of sense to us.

But God’s payback is unlike any movie we have seen.  The story is told over and over again about how man sins against God, but God stunningly pays us back with love and forgiveness and blessings.  And so, his story is like a shocking movie where the bad guys are forgiven and loved.  And when I see that God does not pay us back like the world pays us back.  I begin to understand the word, grace. 

Now, don’t misunderstand.  God is a holy God, and he does judge his people.  But the powerful truth is that his grace is greater than our sin.  

Today’s quick answer is about not forgetting all his paybacks.  It’s about remembering all the blessings that have come to us even as we don’t deserve them.  And most all, it’s about not forgetting the ultimate payback when he gave his son, Jesus, to die for our sins.

Take time today to think back and reflect and forget not all his benefits to us.




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