Persistence – Fight for what you want

Persistence:  Fight for what you want
Stubbornness, Tenacity, Prayer

You probably heard the challenge to fight for what you want.  And it is the right thing to do in all areas of life such as career and academics.  And such persistence is important, because the important things in life will come not to those who are passive.

But, have you notice that we are often aggressive and persistent with many pursuits and people but when it comes to God we are often passive?  Have you noticed how mild mannered we are when we approach God?  We are so careful and cautious and courteous and theologically proper and understandably so.  But, there is a certain lack of confidence, when we approach Him, evidenced by our use of the word “if.”  We make requests like, “if it is Your will, please help me.”  And “if it is your desire, please grant me this.”  And “if you don’t, well ok, I’ll accept that.”

Now, the main reason why we use “if” is because we acknowledge that God is mighty and sovereign.  And so, there is a proper place for that word “if” in our prayers.  But another reason why we use it is because we lack confidence and faith and have a bit of fear and insecurity.  And that makes us passive.  And this passivity is what we need to consider today.

Remember Jacob
Read Genesis 32:22-32

Remember Jacob who wrestled with God in Genesis 32.  It must have been a great wrestling match, because it lasted through the night!  After an all-night bout, it is surprising to hear God say, “let me go.”  What an outrageous concept – as if God can’t get out of a wrestling hold!

But, just as outrageous is Jacob’s response.  He says, “I will not let your go unless you bless me.”  Jacob is surprisingly bold and confident.  He does not show any of the cautiousness and courtesy and etiquette that Christians have today.  He is stubbornly persistent.

And to this stubborn persistence, God asked a surprising question; “What is your name?”  Of course, God knew his name!  But God saw this moment of stubborn persistence as a defining moment.  And when Jacob said his name, God said, “Your name shall no longer be Jacob but Israel.”  And in this tense moment a great message was declared for all generations to follow.

You see, Jacob means “heel catcher” as his life was symbolized by his constant chasing after the things of this world with great persistence.  But now his name becomes Israel which means “fight with God” as his life will now symbolize his new persistence after the blessings of God.

I will not let You go!

This original wrestling match gives us insight into how we should wrestle with God for what we want.  We should also be persistent by faith for the blessings we desire.  So, we should take a break from the word “if.”  Use it in appropriate places, but take a break today.  And hold on to God and stubbornly seek His blessings.  Say to Him today, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”  And when His blessings seem delayed, hold on tight to God and don’t let go.

Don’t give up.
Fight for what you want




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