Partnerships is proud to be in ministry partnership with the following ministries.


Titus 2 Ministry is a counseling ministry that serves every chapter of life. Started in 2005, this ministry offers digital resources, online training, online counseling, and two online membership groups.

Titus 2 Marriage Support – a Facebook membership community dedicated to Christian marriage.  This is a free community that focuses on fellowship and support.

Click to join >  Titus 2 Marriage Support

Titus 2 Group Counseling – a Facebook membership group dedicated to all areas of Christian counseling.  This is a subscription based group that focuses on teaching, counseling, and counseling resources.

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Living in His Image
Counseling services and resources for the pastor and his family and Titus 2 Ministry are partnering  Living in His Image [LiHI]


Contact the executive directors of LiHI,
Richard and Christine Kelley

Call Christine.  She will gladly speak to you and facilitate the counseling opportunity.

Call 586 – 381 – 3019

Email LiHI > EMAIL

Website >

We invite you to join the LiHI Facebook communities for fellowship, resources, and services

The PUBLIC community is the home base where general announcements, encouragements, resources, and events are posted.  ALL ARE WELCOME! Click the icon to join for free.

The PRIVATE community is a secure place of deeper fellowship, accountability, special resources, and personal services.  These are monthly subscription based fellowships.  TWO options are available > Pastors and Pastors’ Wives.

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What is the partnership between T2M and LiHI?

The partnership involves three main areas

1. A cooperation in the development of counseling resources.

2. A provision of private counseling services

3. A provision of counselor training services