You are invited to partner with me in this ministry.

Wherever you are in the world…


  1.  If you have a heart for ministry…
  2. If you have a vision for mentoring, coaching, and counseling others…
  3. If you are interested in online ministry…
  4. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset…
  5. If you have a strong business and marketing background…

You don’t have to have all 5 profile points.  If you have any one these, then please read on…


This is NOT a volunteer opportunity.
You are welcome to volunteer.  But that is an entirely different opportunity.  This is a ministry partnership which is a higher level of commitment.


This is NOT  a job opportunity.
If you are in transition and looking for a job, I hope that God will open the right door for you.  This is an opportunity to expand the ministry which requires vision, high level skills, commitment, and sacrifice.


Partnership involves 4 major commitments:  

  1.  Entrepreneurial Engagement:  This is about sharing the vision and purpose and stretching the possibilities for greater reach and impact.  This will involve the initiation of ministry and business plans.
  2.  Prayer and spiritual Investment:  This is about spiritually owning the ministry through the ups and downs and serving together, encouraging each other with a spirit of persistence.
  3.  Financial Investment:  This is about making a financial commitment to the growth of the ministry.
  4.  Revenue Sharing: This is about sharing in the financial success of the ministry.


Potential projects and services to work on together

  1.  Resource production:  online store development
  2. Finance strategies
  3. Marketing strategies
  4. Scalability strategies
  5. Online School for coaches and counselors:  Enrollment strategies, satellite programs in different languages.  This involves FRANCHISING STRATEGIES.


If you have read all the above and still have interest, then please contact me for a friendly conversation.

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