Disagreements to Discipleship

For many, this is a time of great frustration. 

For others, this is a time of special blessings.

And for some, it’s a time of ongoing disagreements about methods.


The heart of a parent could be obsessed over every detail.

The heart of a parent can be distressed by the rebellion.

The heart of a parent can devastated if there is an accident or a loss.

The heart of a parent can forget that marriage is the real priority.


So, this life chapter can be a time of confusion, anger, exhaustion, and over-commitment.

But here, you will find the resources and services to gain…






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Pastor Tae’s seminars on relationship and parenting were and will continue to bless our church. I’ve sat in on many “Christian” seminars on these subjects but these seminars were no different than what I heard from psychology classes with Scripture added here and there to make it sound “Chrisitan”. But pastor Tae does a wonderful job at basing his thoughts and seminars on the Biblical foundation of God’s Word. Perhaps that is the reason why our people are so blessed after each seminars! Thank you, Pastor Tae.   Pastor Sam Shin, Disciple Church, Milpitas, CA


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