Mid Life

Crisis to Celebration

For many, this is a time of crisis. 

For others, this is a time of celebration.

And for some, it’s a time of ongoing sense of regret.


The heart of a mid lifer could be distraught over life decisions.

The heart of a mid lifer can be depressed with no sense of purpose.

The heart of a mid lifer may want to leave the marriage.

The heart of a mid lifer can be angry at God.


So, this life chapter can be a time of confusion, anger, depression, and lack of purpose.

But here, you will find the resources and services to gain…






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We have known Pastor Tae for over 20 years. He is one the best communicators of the gospel we have ever known.  His sermons, lectures, and counseling have saved marriages and inspired many to pursue Christ. His contributions to our church have been invaluable as he is the most frequently invited speaker in our church history.
Dr. Charles and Eunice Lee, Logos Central Chapel, Denver, Colorado



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