Distraction to Dedication

For many, this is a time of great distractions [kids, career, in-laws]

For others, this is a time of special blessings.

And for some, it’s a time of ongoing conflicts.


The heart of a married person could be given over to children and career.

The heart of a married person can be distressed by the ongoing differences with the spouse.

The heart of a married person can be an ongoing battleground of unresolved issues.


The top 4 areas of marital issues are >

Communication Breakdown

Ongoing conflict > contrasting styles

In Law Problems

Sex Incompatibilities

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So, this life chapter can be a time of communication breakdown, contrasting styles, and conflict.

But here, you will find the resources and services to gain…






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Pastor Tae taught me a lot through his counseling. I retained it and I practice it to this very day. I am very protective of the sanctity of my marriage.  I heed his precious advice, and with these tools, my marriage is on point.  Laura Laffitte, Texas