Competition to Commitment

For many, this is a time of great confusion 

For others, this is a time of special blessings.

And for some, it’s a time of ongoing competition.


The heart of a married person could be torn by competing loyalties.

The heart of a married person can be distressed by all the extra obligations.

The heart of a married person can feel violated by the lack of boundaries.


There is the mother in law who sees her son as still her child.

There is the daughter in law who begs her husbands to side with her.

There is the son/husband who is caught in the middle and does not know what to do.

There is the father in law who is oblivious to it all.


So, this life chapter can be a time of confusion, bitterness, competing loyalties, and even depression.
* Soceraphobia (literally:  fear of in laws) is the anxiety and depression associated with in law relationships.

But here, you will find the resources and services to gain…





Pastor Tae is one of the few who specialize in in-law counseling from a Christian perspective.




You are invited to join an exclusive-closed membership community inside Facebook called Titus 2 Overcoming Marital Conflict.

  • this community also deals with in-law conflict and soceraphobia

It’s a place of biblical teaching, accountability, and counseling.

To join, go to Titus 2 Overcoming Marital Conflict

If you want to try a free sample of that training, go to Titus 2 Institute Free Trial 



A closed membership group for Christian marriage.  Members gather from around the world.



Pastor Tae brings 38 years of pastoral ministry and counseling acumen.


After meeting Pastor Tae through the Titus 2 Community and through video counseling, hope has been restored to my marriage. With his help I was able to identify and truly understand the greatest root cause of all the troubles I had been experiencing. My wife and I have now started video counselling with Pastor Tae, and we are already working on a plan to solve our marriage problems.  Frederic u0026amp; Emily Ziem, Scotland/Norway.  video counseling


Counseling with Pastor Tae has revitalized our relationship and has even spurred us to do “greater” works and serve others.  Initially, I dreaded doing the work that comes with counseling, but the applications we received encouraged us to keep going. Ultimately, we were reminded that our marriage is a picture of Christ. We want to represent Him well and apply what we’ve learned.  Pastor Tae is truly a gift to the body of Christ.   Yoshonda u0026amp; Walter Stafford, Georgia, USA.


We have known Pastor Tae for over 20 years. He is one the best communicators of the gospel we have ever known.  His sermons, lectures, and counseling have saved marriages and inspired many to pursue Christ. His contributions to our church have been invaluable as he is the most frequently invited speaker in our church history.
Dr. Charles and Eunice Lee, Denver, CO



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* Soceraphobia (literally:  fear of in laws) is the anxiety and depression associated with in law relationships.


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