Group Counseling

A place that is secure and comfortable

A place where you can share your challenges

A place with a growing archive of resources
and answers for your life and relationships

A place to stay and make friends
and find true fellowship and accountability

That place is the Titus 2 Group Counseling

It is a closed membership community inside Facebook

Grand Opening > April 2019


THE TEAM [photos coming]

Tae Shin, Founder and Counselor

Yoshonda Stafford, Director of the Titus 2 Group Counseling and Counselor

Eileen Scipione, Counselor

And the very best scholars and counselors are invited to share their teaching with you.



For the price of a latte, you can find the fellowship and resources for your life and relationship.

This is the second best option to one on one Christian counseling

Access link to be provided soon.



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