john-streetI have had the opportunity to work with Pastor Tae Shin on numerous occasions. He is a man highly dedicated to the sufficiency of Scripture and the personal one-on-one ministry of the Word to those who are suffering as well as to those who are practicing evil. Anyone who knows him, understands his sincerity and commitment to Christ. I am very grateful for him and his allegiance in furthering the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Dr. John Street, Chair, MABC Graduate Program, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, CA


I would like to introduce to you a long-time friend and fellow minister of the gospel, Tae Shin. We have been friends since 1990 and have shared in the ministry of the Word and prayer. I commend him and his work to you. He loves the Lord and His Word. He will point you to the risen and reigning Christ in a kind and consistent manner.  Dr. George Scipione, 
‎Director of the Biblical Counseling Institute – ‎Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, PA


Pastor Tae Shin is a brother who is committed to faithful biblical counseling both as an instructor and in the practice of soul care. It has been my privilege to work with him in conferences. I am thankful for his gifts and for his commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture in helping people with their spiritual needs.  Dr. Jim Newheiser, Director of the Christian Counseling program and associate professor of practical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC


peter-hillPerhaps foremost is Pastor Tae’s ability to mobilize potential leaders within the church first by helping them identify their unique competencies, second by aiding them in finding a need that matches well with their gifts and abilities, and third by equipping them with the knowledge and training necessary to lead that ministry. He does so with patience and compassion, ministering unto those that he is developing for leadership.  As an elder, I personally have benefited from Pastor Tae’s ministry. He has provided us a biblical understanding of what it means to be an elder through an excellent in-depth training program that he himself has put together. I remember well our interview with Pastor Tae. At one point in that interview, he looked us in the eye and stated “you can count on me. I will not drop the ball.”  No truer words could have been spoken.  In an age when clichés are common and promises cheap, Pastor Tae has been a man of action.  Elder / Dr. Peter Hill, Professor at BIOLA University, La Mirada, CA


Tae Shin and I have known each other since 1986. It was a pleasure partnering with him when he launched Titus 2 Institute, consulting with Tae over counseling matters, and having him as a guest preacher at churches where I served. Tae has a wealth of knowledge and experience in life and godliness. As a stellar counselor, Tae is definitely one to turn to for truthful, wise, and gracious support. I could not recommend him enough. – Dr. Donald Owsley, Professor, Writer, Biblical Counselor, Denver, CO


As a woman doing Biblical Counseling for over 18 years, some of which was in California participating in conferences with Tae Shin, I was moved by his commitment to the inerrancy and sufficiency of the Word of God. This dear brother knows how to speak to the whole person. He brings the truth to the inner man while acknowledging the role of the outer man in these struggles we all share. He lives like the gospel is richer than all else.  Eileen Scipione, Director of Center for Unplanned Pregnancy, Biblical Counselor.


todd-elliottPastor Tae is a man who listens carefully, considers deliberately and acts confidently and with conviction.  He has a kind heart and is one of the most “other oriented,” selfless people I know.  I’ve worked closely with him on many church projects in my role as elder and his as pastor.  I have found him to be a thought provoking, hard working individual with a desire and ability to add value in countless ways.  He is able to quickly understand problems and develop solutions based on his extensive understanding of the Scriptures and his wealth of experience in dealing with family and church related issues. I have seen him at work and worked with him side by side, so I know, he produce results.  Tae is a “finisher,” in a world where too many others leave too much half done. Pastor Tae is also strong leader and an excellent orator.  His sermons are some of the best I’ve heard.  He is able to hold his audience close as he teaches The Word in a way that allows them to activate his teaching as soon as they depart the pew. I could go on and on, but simply put, Pastor Tae is a good friend, a strong leader, a knowledgeable teacher, and an unshakeable brother in the faith.  He has my strong recommendation as someone who will add value to any gathering or event in which he participates.  Elder Todd Elliott, Executive, Pepsi Bottling Group


steve-changPastor Tae is one of the most effective Asian-American communicators that I know.  His mind gives him the ability to take ambiguous issues and break them down to simple straightforward concepts.  He then is able to communicate those concepts in a way that is intellectually satisfying, intensely practical and surprisingly memorable.  Tae has spoken for our church on a number of different occasions and the response of our people has consistently been, “We want more.”  In issues such as family issues or the psychology of sin, Pastor Tae would be my top recommendation. Pastor Steve Chang, Living Hope Community Church, Brea, CA


conney-williams-1Not only does Pastor Tae love the Lord, which should be a requirement professing to proclaim the gospel; he also has the ability to communicate in ways that makes the Word accessible to anyone. If I had to describe his teaching style, I would call it “thoroughly patient.” That means he provides thorough insight into the text; and is patient, not just trying to cover ground, but strives to bring enlightenment to all.  Conney D. Williams, poet, actor and performance artist, Dominican Republic.


Dear Pastor Tae, 

I want to start off saying thank you for what you have done for me. You have helped me through so much and have made a tremendous impact on my life. When I found out that my parents scheduled an appointment with you and I, my first reaction was just “no”.

The topic was so personal and so I didn’t want to talk about it.  And the second they told me that, I was thinking, “this appointment is going to be nothing more than awkward.” That’s where I was wrong. In reality, it wasn’t awkward at all. You were very comfortable and easy to talk to which is why I had no problem opening up with you.

I am so thankful that I got to have these appointments with you.  You helped me learn that everything happens for a reason and I can’t do anything to change it. But I also learned that even though I may have lost some things in life, I have gained so much more.

You taught me that it’s not about the actual hardships I’ve dealt with, it’s how I respond to them. “Respond correctly to everything God has given you.” God has a plan for everything.

You’ve taught me to overcome and to know that God has a plan for me. Thank you Pastor Tae.
Love, Allison Hyun, Colorado, age 13


laura-hendriksenI’m thankful for Pastor Tae’s ministry. I’m especially blessed by his efforts to bring the principles of biblical living to a broader audience.  Dr. Laura Hendrickson,  Biblical Counselor, author of “Will Medicine Stop the Pain?” and co-author of “When Good Kids Make Bad Choices”




Pastor Tae is kind and has a creative way to express biblical application to real life hardships. His gifts have blessed my life!
Yoshonda Williams Stafford, Georgia




After meeting Pastor Tae, hope has been restored to my marriage. With his help I was able to identify and truly understand the greatest root cause of all the troubles I had been experiencing. My wife and I have now started video counselling with Pastor Tae, and we are already working on a plan to solve our marriage and inlaw problems.  Frederic u0026amp; Emily Ziem, Scotland/Norway.


andrew-n-michaela-songPastor Tae Shin is a tremendously gifted orator. But more importantly, his words are anchored on solid ground, centered in the Word without deviation. He has the rare ability to teach the Word with a deep passion, making it very difficult to lose focus and attention while listening to him.  I am reminded of a recent marriage seminar at our church where he was invited to be the main speaker.  His presentation was one of the best I’ve ever heard on the topic. His teaching style is simple and conducive to easy listening, and yet extremely effective as the concepts he taught me are still fresh in my mind after many months have passed. Elder / Dr. Andrew Song u0026amp; Family, Yorba Linda, CA


Pastor Tae has been a profound ,wise and compassionate counselor in helping me grow spiritually. When you’re with Pastor Tae, you have his undivided attention and it’s easy to see that he understands your struggles. Pastor Tae isn’t afraid to speak truth but does so with compassion and without any judgment. Part of the reason that I believe that Pastor Tae is effective is because he has undergone many struggles of his own and comes along his client as someone who has had to grow spiritually as well. He uses his own experiences to connect with people which helped me trust his counsel.  Keith Conley, Certified Financial Planner, Costa Mesa, CA


jan-myersEven though I had been a Bible teacher for many years, I was not only inspired but educated in an in-depth class that Pastor Tae taught. He is skilled in many areas and is generous in his support and encouragement of others. I consider his friendship and ministry very important to me personally. Jan Myers, Bible Teacher u0026amp; Teacher Trainer at Bible Study Fellowship



Pastor Tae and his counseling have provided a deep understanding into the intricacies of relationship dynamics. Above all, he has offered a unique biblical lens to look at problems with a certain clarity that imparts relevant solutions now. He has given me the wisdom and ability to tackle personal and relationship obstacles with poise and confidence that I can take well into the future.  Dr. Andrew Chon, Irvine, CA. 



pat-buttesIn ministry every now and then a truly gifted and mature believer enters your life to whom you can partner.  Pastor Tae is one of those great people.  I have worked with him in a teaching and leadership ministry capacity.  And what I have experienced is someone who not only employs the gifts of the Spirit, but more importantly the fruit of the Spirit.  This is often seen in his teaching as he uses example after example of Christian life experiences to illuminate the Biblical text.  Pat Buttes, Teaching Pastor at Classic Faith Ministries, Yorba Linda, CA

ray-causly-1Pastor Tae has a wealth of knowledge and experience combined with a passion and fear for the infinite wisdom of the knowledge of God found in the Scriptures. You will gain insights for living that will empower you to live life the way it was meant to be lived! Don’t pass these pearls of wisdom by!  Pastor Ray Causly, Compton, CAruth-causly

Ruth Causly:  I have gained great nuggets of truth from Pastor Tae that have strengthened our marriage and family. He is witty, sensitive and wise in his application of these truths from God’s Word that are timeless. You must do all you can to drink from the well of the Word that comes through this servant of God.

john-laurie-stewartPastor Tae has a wonderful passion for helping people and a creative spirit when it comes to teaching. We’ve had the privilege of serving with him in ministry in many capacities, including Life Stream events with engaging public speakers such as Josh McDowell, Joe Infranco, and Rebecca  Kiessling on cutting edge topics of interest to the church body. Pastor Tae engages in biblical counseling through the power of the Word, while avoiding pop psychology used by too many Christian counselors today. He truly is a man of God.  John Stewart, Executive Director of Ratio Christi International and Laurie Stewart, President of Rolling Stone Ministries.  Iowa.


Counseling with Pastor Tae has revitalized our relationship and has even spurred us to do “greater” works and serve others.  Initially, I dreaded doing the work that comes with counseling, but the applications we received encouraged us to keep going. Ultimately, we were reminded that our marriage is a picture of Christ. We want to represent Him well and apply what we’ve learned.  Pastor Tae is truly a gift to the body of Christ.   Yoshonda u0026amp; Walter Stafford, Georgia, USA.


Pastor Tae taught me a lot through his counseling. I retained it and I practice it to this very day. I am very protective of the sanctity of my marriage.  I heed his precious advice, and with these tools, my marriage is on point.  Laura Laffitte, Texas



“As a personal coach, Pastor Tae helped me organize and prepare a proposal our church’s Christian education ministry. I especially appreciated his experience and insights. They were invaluable in developing a plan that will direct our efforts for years to come.”  Pastor Graham Harbman, San Jose, CA




As I read what is written on the reference page by those who have worked with Pastor Tae in the past 30 years, I was drawn back to the time when my family was privileged to have him in our home for a year of his life more than 30 years ago. I am gratified to know that the young man with burning questions and a heart that cried out to be real and to be used by God has been blessed to see both those high ideals come to fruition. As I listen to his teachings on the audio webpage, and read the writings of a man far wiser than I, my eyes well up from the overflow of a full heart and I am compelled to say: “Well done.”  Pastor Steve and Christi Nute, Hampden, ME, Sons of God MC, Biker Bible Institute


chuck-and-eunice-1We have known Pastor Tae for over 20 years. He is one the best communicators of the gospel we have ever known.  His sermons, lectures, and counseling have saved marriages and inspired many to pursue Christ. His contributions to our church have been invaluable as he is the most frequently invited speaker in our church history.
Dr. Charles and Eunice Lee, Logos Central Chapel, Denver, Colorado




The counseling I have received from Pastor Tae has been a tremendous blessing in my life! I was ready to walk away from my marriage, but he helped me gain a biblical perspective on anger, communication, and conflict resolution. Putting those principles into practice has drawn my husband and I closer than we have ever been. I will forever be grateful to God, for how he rescued us, and strengthened our marriage, through the wise counsel of Pastor Tae. Thank you, thank, thank you!! ❤  Brandy Friend, Oklahoma


lee-buskcoPastor Tae, this website is wonderful! To design this has taken a lot of passion, knowledge, and mostly Faith. God has blessed you in more ways than you probably expected, but here you are! Amen!!! Your teaching and skills has preserved, and you have helped so many people over the years with your selflessness in your Faith.  Lee Buskco, Master Instructor, Tae Kwon Do.



Tae Shin has very good insights on marriage and family issues. I remember telling someone the other day about a message he delivered at a retreat years ago. When we get married, our wives don’t come with a manual. His advice: you write the book!
Dave Ladis, San Jose, CA




sam-shinPastor Tae’s seminars on relationship and parenting were and will continue to bless our church. I’ve sat in on many “Christian” seminars on these subjects but these seminars were no different than what I heard from psychology classes with Scripture added here and there to make it sound “Chrisitan”. But pastor Tae does a wonderful job at basing his thoughts and seminars on the Biblical foundation of God’s Word. Perhaps that is the reason why our people are so blessed after each seminars! Thank you, Pastor Tae.   Pastor Sam Shin, Disciple Church, Milpitas, CA


jeff-decker-1Pastor Tae is an outstanding man of God and a thoughtful practitioner of God’s word.  He understands the Word and teaches it to others through his outstanding teaching, daily walk and group encounters.  I have had the opportunity to spend many hours with Pastor Tae, and I have found our interactions to be both illuminating and inspiring.  He makes me want to be a better Christian and helps me to become so. I would recommend him for personal counseling, pastoral teaching, and managerial guidance.  The best management book ever written was the Bible and Pastor Tae knows it as well as anyone I ever met.   Jeff Decker, Professor of Leadership and Management at Whittier College.


john-n-jennekeMy wife and I have known Pastor Tae since 2001. Over the course of these years we have witnessed his commitment to the church of Christ in many different ways. As a pastor he has always demonstrated a genuine love and concern for his flock. On many occasions we have enjoyed his unique way of delivering the Gospel message. On a corporate level, he is a dynamic and passionate speaker and on a personal level he encourages and motivates people. As a board member of Samaritan Medical Foundation, an outreach ministry to the Muslim world, he has demonstrated not only wisdom, but also excellent leadership. It is our strong belief that whoever has the opportunity to be under  Pastor Tae’s teaching, preaching or counsel, will be blessed by his profound knowledge of and clear insights into Scripture.  Elder / Dr. John and Jenneke Kaddis, Artesia, CA




Tae Shin is an outstanding pastor, teacher and counselor whose ministry exemplifies Scriptural truth and application.  Dr. Ting Wang, Hebrew scholar, Palo Alto, CA



lou-harringtonI have known and worked with Pastor Tae Shin since 2006.  During that time I have had the opportunity to observe him as a teacher, organizer, leader, and mentor.  As a teacher, Pastor Tae has delivered inspiring sermons to the congregation, faithfully delivering God’s word with accuracy and conviction.  He has also created a Bible based training syllabus, for the Elders, to clarify their roles as servants to God and the Church.  To respond to the unending demand for both spiritual and human services Pastor Tae has organized numerous teams to involve the congregation in the providing of the needed services. Particularly noteworthy are the creation of a community outreach ministry and the development of a cutting edge church website.  He has drawn upon his teaching experience and his in-depth biblical knowledge to lead the teams in their formation and the initial exercise of their responsibilities.  Pastor Tae mentors the teams on a continuing basis to ensure their success.  His focus is on maintaining the strategic goals and policies of the team. Pastor Tae is an inspired and dedicated servant of the Lord and it has been my privilege to serve the Lord with him.  Elder Lou and Sally Harrington, Orange, CA

rick-kimPastor Tae’s wealth of experience and unique set of gifts in teaching, consulting, and counseling have impacted not only my ministry in the local church but also in my life. I have been in the church ministry for close to 30 years and without a doubt, he is one of the sharpest minds that I know. I trust in his wisdom, insight, and counsel in all aspect of kingdom ministry.”  Pastor Rick S. Kim, Irvine, CA



cornerstone-sessionPastor Tae’s leadership and guidance has been essential during this time of transition at Cornerstone Community Church.  His work as a consultant to our session has helped us to reprioritize and re-invigorate many of our ministries by assessing needs and applying his razor-sharp focus to the big picture. The term “visionary” is often thrown around too carelessly these days, but Pastor Tae truly embodies that description. His enthusiasm and drive is infectious and we would highly recommend his services to any church.   Robert Chappa, Clerk of the Session at Cornerstone Community Church


jeff-landisPastor Tae Shin is biblical, practical and clear.  Members of our church have expressed great appreciation for his ministry.  Pastor Tae has been well received because not only are his messages biblical, they are specific in their application.  No one can leave without a clear understanding of how to apply God’s Word to their situation.  Pastor Jeff Landis, Covenant Presbyterian Church, San Jose, CA 



michael-munPastor Tae was very instrumental in the spiritual growth of our men’s ministry group and our church.  His ability to communicate biblical teachings in clear, concise discourse with a pragmatic holistic approach, makes it easy for the men at our church to listen, reflect, and accept God’s infinite love into our hearts. From his profound and contemplative understanding of the God’s Words, men have learned how to apply selflessness and God’s eternal love in our daily life.  He has a gift of teaching the Word with tremendous passion.  Michael Mun, Vice President of Finance u0026amp; Administration, Vitria Technology Inc., Sunnyvale, CA


marty-cPastor Tae is a friend and encourager to my life and ministry. In the launching of our church, Pastor Tae helped our team with his skillful knowledge of website design and implementation. His leadership skills have and continue to add value to me as a minister and church leader. I would highly recommend the valuable ministries Pastor Tae provides to all leaders and churches. Pastor Marty Celaya, Encouragement Christian Center, Founder of Encouragement International.


shawn-smithI have come to value Pastor Tae’s assessment skills regarding church matters. His constant call to action, and personal effectiveness when he discovers a need or when the circumstances are thrusted upon him, have earned him the respect of all with whom he has worked.  Elder Shawn Smith, Orange, CA



irene-and-ed-matthewsBrilliantly organized and soundly versed in scripture and its application, Pastor Tae Shin brings both his intelligence and a keen sense of timing and humor to every sermon or teaching he gives.  Accessible for counsel or advice, his sincere smile and his welcoming and calming demeanor exude both confidence and gravitas.  An entertaining and insightful teacher, his audience leaves with instruction as well as a chuckle or two at his illustrations. With the ability to get to the kernel of a problem, whether it is to explain scripture or to give advice in conflict resolution, he effectively works to be clear and find a solution.   Pastor Tae has our deepest respect in his depth of knowledge as well as the variety of methods he uses to make his points understandable and clear to all.  We sincerely recommend his teaching ministry and his website as a resource for all who wish to learn and be inspired.  Irene Matthews, Journalist, husband, Ed.



Thank you Pastor Tae for your continued work in counseling and equipping people!  I’ve always been blessed by your teaching and mentoring.  Pastor Bob Lee, Pathway Bible Fellowship, Milpitas, CA 


dianne-ferranteI have gone to Pastor Tae Shin for advice and guidance with issues in my personal life and church life as well as in the ministry I serve.  Besides receiving sincere compassion and understanding from him, I received the wisdom of God for each situation.  Pastor Tae is excellent at not only pointing you to God’s word for the guidance needed but he is also able to give the practical applications for the situation. He is the epitome of one who is able to give God’s truth in love with encouragement.  
Dianne Ferrante, Director of Community Outreach, Orange, CA

jeff-n-dee-dooleyPastor Tae is committed to God’s word and doing His work in the kingdom. I have witnessed his work in developing new ministries and revitalizing existing ministries in our church. In times of personal need, Pastor Tae has been with me and my family to provide the comfort of God’s word. Pastor Tae is an example of what a pastor should be.  Elder Jeff and Dee Dooley, General Manager, Panasonic Corp, Virginia


larry-ahlIt is a blessing to recommend Pastor Tae as a speaker and teacher.  Over the years, I have worked with Pastor Tae I have come to admire his solid understanding of God’s word, his heart to disciple people and his passion to strength the body of Christ.  Whether he is teaching a large group or one on one, he is interesting and speaks the truth in love.  I have gained insight and encouragement personally which has benefited me in my ministry.  Larry Ahl, Christian School Principal, Mission Viejo, CA


dan-namPastor Tae effectively counsels all generations with care and compassion. He is a great communicator and spiritual leader. Counseling is not his only gift, but he truly cares for each person he meets.   Pastor Dan Nam, Young Adult Pastor, Bethel Korean Church, Irvine, CA.