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Ray CauslyPastor Tae has a wealth of knowledge and experience combined with a passion and fear for the infinite wisdom of the knowledge of God found in the Scriptures. You will gain insights for living that will empower you to live life the way it was meant to be lived! Don’t pass these pearls of wisdom by! Ruth Causly Pastor Ray Causly, Compton, CA

Ruth Causly:  I have gained great nuggets of truth from Pastor Tae that have strengthened our marriage and family. He is witty, sensitive and wise in his application of these truths from God’s Word that are timeless. You must do all you can to drink from the well of the Word that comes through this servant of God.

irene and ed matthews
Special thanks to Irene Matthews for editing many of these devotions

Brilliantly orga
nized and soundly versed in scripture and its application, Pastor Tae Shin brings both his intelligence and a keen sense of timing and humor to every sermon or teaching he gives.   Irene Matthews, Journalist