TAKE THIS TEST:  yes or no?
*  the more yeses, the more you need to contact me for a conversation.

1  Are you in a sad or serious mood most of the day?

2  Have you lost interest in things that once brought you pleasure?

3  Did you lose or gain a lot of weight?

4  Are you having trouble sleeping?

5  Are you having trouble staying awake?

6  Are you losing energy to go about your day?

7  Are you feeling worthless or guilty?

8 Do you have trouble making basic decisions?

9  Do you have hobbies or places to go just to escape the pain?

10  Have you lost the desire to live?

  • are you experiencing these symptoms for over two weeks?
  • how many yeses did you get?


If you have more than 5 yeses, contact me for a free conversation

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