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Pastor Tae is an ordained minister who offers pastoral counseling.
He does not practice state licensed therapy.

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The first formal session is a diagnostic session where Pastor Tae listens to your story and diagnoses it and offers you a clear plan of action.

After this first session, you will have the option to continue with Pastor Tae to execute the plan.

This plan will require a commitment to follow through the plan to the end.

Many people give up before they see the transformation.  It will be your decision to commit to the entire plan.

Once you commit to the plan, a custom package will be sent to you.

This plan will be a package of sessions that will be customized to your specific needs.

For now, you can choose to commit to the first session and receive a diagnosis and plan of action.


To secure a 1.5 to 2 hour VIDEO session, click the PayPal button. 

* 200.00 per session which includes a clear diagnosis and a plan of action.  
* subject to change without notice by the admin.

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  • after the form has been sent and the mtg has been secured, Pastor Tae will be notified and he will contact you to schedule a session.
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Pastor Tae brings 38 years of pastoral ministry and counseling acumen.


After meeting Pastor Tae through video counseling, hope has been restored to my marriage. With his help I was able to identify and truly understand the greatest root cause of all the troubles I had been experiencing. My wife and I have now started video counselling with Pastor Tae, and we are already working on a plan to solve our marriage problems.  Frederic & Emily Ziem, Scotland/Norway. 


Counseling with Pastor Tae has revitalized our relationship and has even spurred us to do “greater” works and serve others.  Initially, I dreaded doing the work that comes with counseling, but the applications we received encouraged us to keep going. Ultimately, we were reminded that our marriage is a picture of Christ. We want to represent Him well and apply what we’ve learned.  Pastor Tae is truly a gift to the body of Christ.   Yoshonda & Walter Stafford, Georgia, USA.


We have known Pastor Tae for over 20 years. He is one the best communicators of the gospel we have ever known.  His sermons, lectures, and counseling have saved marriages and inspired many to pursue Christ. His contributions to our church have been invaluable as he is the most frequently invited speaker in our church history.
Dr. Charles and Eunice Lee, Logos Central Chapel, Denver, Colorado


Pastor Tae taught me a lot through his counseling. I retained it and I practice it to this very day. I am very protective of the sanctity of my marriage.  I heed his precious advice, and with these tools, my marriage is on point.  Laura Laffitte, Texas



john-streetI have had the opportunity to work with Pastor Tae Shin on numerous occasions. He is a man highly dedicated to the sufficiency of Scripture and the personal one-on-one ministry of the Word to those who are suffering as well as to those who are practicing evil. Anyone who knows him, understands his sincerity and commitment to Christ. I am very grateful for him and his allegiance in furthering the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Dr. John Street, Chair, MABC Graduate Program, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, CA


Pastor Tae effectively counsels all generations with care and compassion. He is a great communicator and spiritual leader. Counseling is not his only gift, but he truly cares for each person he meets.   
Pastor Dan Nam, Bethel Korean Church, Irvine, CA.




Pastor Tae has been a profound ,wise and compassionate counselor in helping me grow spiritually. When you’re with Pastor Tae, you have his undivided attention and it’s easy to see that he understands your struggles. Pastor Tae isn’t afraid to speak truth but does so with compassion and without any judgment. Part of the reason that I believe that Pastor Tae is effective is because he has undergone many struggles of his own and comes along his client as someone who has had to grow spiritually as well. He uses his own experiences to connect with people which helped me trust his counsel.  Keith Conley, Certified Financial Planner, Costa Mesa, CA


Tae Shin and I have known each other since 1986. It was a pleasure partnering with him when he launched Titus 2 Institute, consulting with Tae over counseling matters, and having him as a guest preacher at churches where I served. Tae has a wealth of knowledge and experience in life and godliness. As a stellar counselor, Tae is definitely one to turn to for truthful, wise, and gracious support. I could not recommend him enough. – Dr. Donald Owsley, Professor, Writer, Biblical Counselor, Denver, CO


Pastor Tae has a wonderful passion for helping people and a creative spirit when it comes to teaching. We’ve had thejohn-laurie-stewart privilege of serving with him in ministry in many capacities, including Life Streams events with engaging public speakers such as Josh McDowell, Joe Infranco, and Rebecca  Kiessling on cutting edge topics of interest to the church body. Pastor Tae engages in biblical counseling through the power of the Word, while avoiding pop psychology used by too many Christian counselors today. He truly is a man of God.  John Stewart, Executive Director of Ratio Christi International and Laurie Stewart, President of Rolling Stone Ministries.  Iowa.



I have gone to Pastor Tae Shin for advice and guidance with issues in my personal life and church life as well as in the ministry I serve.  Besides receiving sincere compassion and understanding from him, I received the wisdom of God for each situation.  Pastor Tae is excellent at not only pointing you to God’s word for the guidance needed but he is also able to give the practical applications for the situation. He is the epitome of one who is able to give God’s truth in love with encouragement.  Dianne Ferrante, Director of Community Outreach, Orange, CA



I’m thankful for Pastor Tae’s ministry. I’m especially blessed by his efforts to bring the principles of biblical living to a broader audience.  Dr. Laura Hendrickson,  Biblical Counselor, author of “Will Medicine Stop the Pain?” and co-author of “When Good Kids Make Bad Choices”, CA 



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