Counseling for Pastors


Your struggle doesn’t have to be your secret
but an opportunity to find support and friendship

Pastors are worthy of special privilege, honor, and care.

And so, and Titus 2 Ministry is participating with a special ministry called Living in His Image [LIHI] to take care of pastors in need.

Contact the executive directors of LIHI, Richard and Christine Kelley and inquire about the counseling.

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Pastor Tae will then be notified and the counseling can begin.

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Pastor Tae brings 38 years of pastoral ministry and counseling acumen.

john-streetI have had the opportunity to work with Pastor Tae Shin on numerous occasions. He is a man highly dedicated to the sufficiency of Scripture and the personal one-on-one ministry of the Word to those who are suffering as well as to those who are practicing evil. Anyone who knows him, understands his sincerity and commitment to Christ. I am very grateful for him and his allegiance in furthering the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Dr. John Street, Chair, MABC Graduate Program, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, CA


Tae Shin and I have known each other since 1986. It was a pleasure partnering with him when he launched Titus 2 Institute, consulting with Tae over counseling matters, and having him as a guest preacher at churches where I served. Tae has a wealth of knowledge and experience in life and godliness. As a stellar counselor, Tae is definitely one to turn to for truthful, wise, and gracious support. I could not recommend him enough. – Dr. Donald Owsley, Professor, Writer, Biblical Counselor, Denver, CO



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