Counseling for Jin and Elaina Kim

This is a special webpage for Jin and Elaina

The purpose of this trip is to lay out a clear plan for the future.  Afterwards, Jin and I will meet via video counseling.  And meeting Elaina will be on a need-basis.


This proposal is for a counseling trip on Friday, Nov.2, 2018

Pick me up from SJC airport at 2:45 this Friday:  Jin

Meet Elaina when she gets out

Counseling period:  3:00 to 6:00  (no dinner – I have another dinner appointment)

Discount:  3 hours of counseling for the price of 1 hour = 140.00

Discount on flight cost [total cost 311.96] = 110.00

Total cost:  140 + 100 = 250.00

Once the purchase is made, the counseling admin will notify me.