cornerstone-session “Pastor Tae’s leadership and guidance has been essential during this time of transition at Cornerstone Community Church.  His work as a consultant to our session has helped us to re-prioritize and re-invigorate many of our ministries by assessing needs and applying his razor-sharp focus to the big picture. The term “visionary” is often thrown around too carelessly these days, but Pastor Tae truly embodies that description. His enthusiasm and drive is infectious and we would highly recommend his services to any church.  Robert Chapa, Clerk of the Session at Cornerstone Community Church, Artesia, CA

is an extended relationship with a church or leader(s). Unlike a short visit which could be a weekend conference or even a one hour workshop, an extended visit could be three months or three years.
It involves vision planning, revitalization strategies, and new program development. The following are examples.

Example #1: A few months or longer
This can involve open workshops to the congregation, private counseling, and “coaching” (see below) for the church leader. The purpose is to provide immediate teaching, inspiration, and sense of direction, especially in the development of a new ministry.

Ramping up a family ministry: one exciting possibility is to use the consulting visits to ramp up a family ministry. The regular visits give a reason to meet. It gives a reason to invite friends and family. It gives some momentum to starting up a family ministry.

james-yim-2Pastor Tae has a way of making the theoretical practical, where biblical truth can be readily accessed and applied into life. If you have an appreciation for those who communicate God’s Word with straightforwardness and insight, Tae is the man for you.  Pastor James Yim, Living Way Community Church, Los Angeles, CA.,  A year consulting relationship.

Pastor Tae’s seminars on relationship and parenting were and will continue to bless our church. I’ve sat in on many sam-shin“Christian” seminars on these subjects but these seminars were no different than what I heard from psychology
classes with Scripture added here and there to make it sound “Chrisitan”. But pastor Tae does a wonderful job at basing his thoughts and seminars on the Biblical foundation of God’s Word. Perhaps that is the reason why our people are so blessed after each seminars! Thank you, Pastor Tae.  Pastor Sam Shin, Irvine, CA, 3 Year consulting relationship

Example #2: Church Revitalization
As churches go through times of transition, it is meaningful to participate in the work of revitalization. This work involves meetings with the leadership to discuss strategies for revival and long range planning. This work may also involve pulpit supply and other ministerial duties. Inspiration is an important part of this process as the people embrace the transition as a time for unity and resolve to rebuild. This work of consultation is especially rewarding.

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