Your Anger and the Devil

Your anger and the devil
The demonic side of your anger
This is NOT demon-possession but demon influence
The Holy Spirit in you is greater
Ephesians 4:27

Did you know that anger has a demonic side?  It’s not just because an angry person looks devilish or acts evil.  But in reality, the devil himself is really involved in a person’s anger.

Actually, this devotion is for the believer.  And so, it’s the sobering truth that the devil can be involved in a believer’s anger.

Ephesians 4:26-27 says, “Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.”  Here the command is given to the believer.  In fact, in the original Greek, the phrase “give the devil a foothold” is literally “give the devil a place”.  So, the idea is that Satan can establish a position where he can influence us.  And so, the meaning here is not to give the devil such an opportunity.  So, the devil can establish a position in our hearts and wield his influence when we become angry.  Having said that, we need to confirm three things here:
Let’s Confirm Three Things

First, the anger is all ours.  And what comes with ownership is full control and full responsibility.  And so, when all is angrily said and done, we must acknowledge full ownership and responsibility.  And second, the devil is simply working with the anger that we already have.  And so, when all is angrily said and done, we must acknowledge that Satan might have played a role in it.  And third, this verse is about demonic influence and not demonic possession.  And so, when all is angrily said and done, we must acknowledge that the devil could have influenced us but not possessed us, for the believer ultimately has the Holy Spirit who is greater than any lower spirit.

Exacerbate the Emotion
And so, this dark devotion is about the reality of being spiritually and emotionally influenced in the wrong way.  It’s one thing to become angry, but it’s quite another to have the devil take it to the next level.  And he can do this by making the anger grow.  And he does this by influencing our thoughts and bringing to mind things that can exacerbate the emotion.  He can make terrible proposals that might inspire you to do very bad things. And the person who has a lot of issues with someone or painful memories is especially vulnerable to this.

So, it’s like a small campfire.  It starts small, but it can become a roaring flame if more wood is added and someone blows on it.

Consider today your anger and the devil’s opportunity. And make a decision not to give him that opportunity.  In fact, this is a command in Ephesians 4:27 – “do not give…”  In other words, God is commanding you.  In other words, you have every opportunity not to give an opportunity to the devil.  As mentioned, full ownership brings full control and full responsibility.  But do ask God to help you today.





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