Think of your dad as FAT

Think of your dad as FAT

How to honor your father

This is a quick answer about honoring your father.  It says in Ephesians 6:2, “Honor your father and mother…”  And this being the week for honoring father, let’s focus on these special fathers in our lives.

And to start, we have to go all the way back to Mount Sinai where Moses received the ten commandments.  And there in the original Hebrew, the word honor comes to us as meaning:  to make something heavy!  In other words, that you would look at your father and think of him as heavy! 

Yeah, he might have a big gut, but it’s not about his physical shape.  The original meaning is not literal but figurative.  And being a figurative meaning, seeing someone as heavy is about a perspective and an attitude.  It’s about looking at your father as seeing him as weighty, in other words, as substantive and significant.  The opposite perspective would be to take him lightly, in other words, as insignificant.  And so, to honor your father is to see him as full of meaning and significance and every special to you.

In fact, there are no qualifications in Ephesians 6:2.  What that means is that he does not have to do anything to qualify for such honor.  He gets the honor simply because he is a father.  The biblical principle is really as simple as that.

And this biblical principle should speak against a modern attitude that demand parents to earn respect.  It’s a modern and rather western concept that parents have to do all the right things to earn the respect from their children. Even adult children will often say, “I am not going to respect him until he earns it.”  But the biblical principle is the exact opposite of that perspective.

And even those today who do honor their fathers and respect them do so because of something that their father has done for them.  Here is a quick list of all things that fathers do to earn the respect and love.

I respect my father , because he always sacrifices for me.

I respect my father, because he always give me money.

I respect my father, because he works so hard for the family.

I respect my father, because he always defends me.

The list of reasons for loving and respecting your father is probably long.  But the list is a collection of all the things he has done to earn your respect.  It’s a nice list, but he should get the respect and honor regardless of his list of accomplishments.  Because the real reason you respect him is simply because he is your father and therefore is automatically worthy of your love and respect.

And for some people today, this will become a great challenge, because they don’t love nor respect their father.  The relationship is strained or broken.  There may be strong feelings that the father has not lived up to expectations.  But even in this situation, it is possible to honor him even though the relationship is not at its best.  Honor is more than a feeling.  It is a perspective that is far deeper than that.

Think of your dad as fat.




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