How to Receive Criticism

Receiving criticism from those who care about you
We all make mistakes
Know how to take it
Wisdom understands the benefits
When spouses speak with good intentions, learn out to receive it

We all make mistakes.  And there will be plenty of times when people will want to correct us.  Sometimes, their motive will be impure as they just want to confront and condemn.  But, there will be times when the intention is good as they really want to help us.

Now, it will take wisdom on your part to know their good intention and to respond in a godly way.  The Bible speaks to this awareness in Psalm 141:5 where it says, “Let a righteous man strike me—it is a kindness; let him rebuke me—it is oil on my head. My head will not refuse it.”

This verse speaks of strong maneuvers such as striking and rebuking.  But, this verse credits you with the wisdom to know the difference between good intentions and bad ones.  It assumes that you know by faith the gravity of your sin which validates the strong but loving approach towards you.  And it assumes that you will receive it well, knowing that the person is speaking as a righteous man who has your benefit in mind. 

In fact, if you have this wisdom to receive this loving correction, you actually realize that the word of exhortation is really from the Lord Himself.  For, it is God who sends people with a message for you.  And that it is really God Himself who desires that you grow from the strong conversation.

And so, you are to receive the correction as oil on your head (Ps.141:5).  Such an anointing with oil is to be considered a blessing.  It is the blessing of having such caring friends who are not afraid to speak the hard truth to you in love.  And it is the blessing of spiritual growth that comes from such correction.

And when you think about it, there have been times when a friend has spoken quite strongly to you and with good intentions.  And it was a powerful moment that led to your growth.

And for married folks, this should be the dynamic where spouses can say strong words of love for the benefit of the other.  Think about the number of times when your spouse says something out of good intention and it turns into an argument.  It’s time to receive it the right way.

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