Your Anger and God

Your Anger and God
Righteous Indignation
In your anger do not sin!
You should get upset about all the injustices

This quick answer is about our anger and God Himself!

Now, this may not be what you were expecting.  The previous email devotion on our anger and the devil is much more expected, right?  But today’s answer is a bit of a surprise!  After all, anger generally has a bad reputation.  But let’s consider today that anger is not entirely bad. In fact, there is a good kind of anger that God actually created and wants you to have.

Apart from sin, think about the pure emotion that flows through you and how your body responds. It starts with your adrenal glands being stimulated.  Then your body produces a hormone called adrenaline which is then pumped into the bloodstream.  The pancreas is also impacted as it produces insulin which helps your body turn glucose (sugar) into energy.  In other words, your body is ready to respond in anger. And this anger does not have to be bad.

Really?  Is there such a thing as good anger?

Yes, There is a Good Kind of Anger 
Ephesians 4:26 says, “In your anger do not sin.”  This highlights the important but lesser known truth that you can get angry without sinning.  In fact, there are many things that should make you very angry.  There are so many injustices that should send angry glucose energy streaming through our bodies.  And we could even call such an angry response as a kind of righteous indignation at what we see around us. 

And having such good anger flowing through us can be a great shot of energy to inspire us to respond in righteousness and justice.  And when we are moved with that kind of holy anger, then we would actually be standing up for what is right thereby bringing glory to God.

And if that’s a good thing, then maybe the real problem is that we don’t get angry enough about the things that happen around us!  Too many times we walk right by situations that demand a proper indignant response.  Maybe we are too indifferent and uncaring.  Maybe we are not convicted enough about God’s holy standards.

Consider today how you can be angry and even more angry but in a righteous kind of way as you take a fresh look at your relationships, your community, your friends, your church, and especially your own life.




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