The Number ONE Destroyer of Relationships

You have felt the power of anger inside you.

You have seen the power of anger inside your loved ones.

And you have felt the pain of anger and it continues to destroy your life and relationships.

Consider the options below.


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I have a gift for you.

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Anger is like a wave that comes in and destroys the sand castle you are building.  And just like that, your hard work of building a castle is ruined.  And so just like that, a person's life is impacted dramatically and in turn this damage spreads to all relationships in the family, workplace, and the church.

Some people will have a style of anger that lets it all out to other people.  Others will have a style that holds it all in, thinking no damage will be done.  The truth is that both styles will destroy lives including your own.

Download this audio to understand this sin that grows and grows.  And find biblical solutions for your life.


This free gift is part 1 > it offers a biblical diagnosis which gives a full understanding of anger.

Part 2 > available separately > offers a biblical solution to our anger.


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