This is about you…

It’s about you looking for clear answers to your challenges

It’s about you wanting an immediate plan of action

It can also be about you wanting to be a coach, counselor, or entrepreneur.

It’s about you looking for a way to make it work.

Then, it’s about me…

My name is Tae Shin.  

You can call me Tae [pronounced “Tay”] or Pastor Tae or PT.

I am a pastor, coach, counselor, and influencer for almost 40 years.

I can help you find clarity and solutions for your life challenges

And I can help you become that coach, counselor, and influencer.

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I also founded the Titus 2 Ministry in 2005 as a non-profit organization (501c3) to train counselors and provide counseling services.  Click > www.Titus2Ministry.org

In fact, the Titus 2 Ministry has a educational branch called the Titus 2 Institute that empowers you for life and ministry.  Click > www.Titus2Institute.com



I am a Reuben sandwich connoisseur.

I have a real passion for cooking with Italian, Mexican, and Asian styles as my three favorites.

I’m an avid gardener with strong interests in landscape design.

I am a sports fan who cares about the LAKERS, Dodgers, college and pro football, and college basketball.

I am on my way (very slowly) to mastering the jump rope and training others in health and fitness.

I am getting ready to test for my black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and it’s taking forever.

I also have a genuine appreciation for music, art, and photography.

I am an obsessed fan of the Italian Hoagie.

I secretly love to do laundry. My family and I reside in California in the United States of America.


Let’s be friends


john-streetI have had the opportunity to work with Pastor Tae Shin on numerous occasions. He is a man highly dedicated to the sufficiency of Scripture and the personal one-on-one ministry of the Word to those who are suffering as well as to those who are practicing evil. Anyone who knows him, understands his sincerity and commitment to Christ. I am very grateful for him and his allegiance in furthering the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Dr. John Street, Chair, MABC Graduate Program, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, CA


I would like to introduce to you a long-time friend and fellow minister of the gospel, Tae Shin. We have been friends since 1990 and have shared in the ministry of the Word and prayer. I commend him and his work to you. He loves the Lord and His Word. He will point you to the risen and reigning Christ in a kind and consistent manner.  Dr. George Scipione, 
‎Director of the Biblical Counseling Institute – ‎Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, PA


Pastor Tae Shin is a brother who is committed to faithful biblical counseling both as an instructor and in the practice of soul care. It has been my privilege to work with him in conferences. I am thankful for his gifts and for his commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture in helping people with their spiritual needs.  Dr. Jim Newheiser, Director of the Christian Counseling program and associate professor of practical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC


peter-hillPerhaps foremost is Pastor Tae’s ability to mobilize potential leaders within the church first by helping them identify their unique competencies, second by aiding them in finding a need that matches well with their gifts and abilities, and third by equipping them with the knowledge and training necessary to lead that ministry. He does so with patience and compassion, ministering unto those that he is developing for leadership.  As an elder, I personally have benefited from Pastor Tae’s ministry. He has provided us a biblical understanding of what it means to be an elder through an excellent in-depth training program that he himself has put together. I remember well our interview with Pastor Tae. At one point in that interview, he looked us in the eye and stated “you can count on me. I will not drop the ball.”  No truer words could have been spoken.  In an age when clichés are common and promises cheap, Pastor Tae has been a man of action.  Elder / Dr. Peter Hill, Professor at BIOLA University, La Mirada, CA