Tae Shin

He is pastor, counselor, and coach.

He has been in the ministry for over 37 years and currently specializes in biblical counseling and coaching for online success.

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He is also the founder and executive director of the Titus 2 Ministry which is a resource and service center for Christian marriage.

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Here’s an overview of the relationship between PastorTae.com and Titus2Ministry.org 

PastorTae.com provides general life resources and services along with video counseling.

Titus2Ministry.org provides specific resources and services for marriage and family along with an online community [called “Titus 2 Community”] where support, mentoring, and counseling can be found.

Join the closed membership community called Titus 2 Community which is dedicated to married folks and singles looking for marriage.  It is a place to find support, mentorship, and counseling.

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His interests and hobbies are very broad.  He is a Reuben sandwich connoisseur.  He has a passion for cooking with Italian, Mexican, and Asian styles as his three favorites.  He is an avid gardener with strong interests in landscape design.  He is a sports fan dedicated to the LAKERS, Dodgers, college and pro football, and college basketball.  He is on his way to mastering the jump rope and trains others in health and fitness.  He also has a genuine appreciation for music, art, and photography.  He is an obsessed fan of the Italian Hoagie and the Reuben Sandwich.  He secretly loves to do laundry.  He and his family reside in California, United States of America.

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