Tae Shin

You can call me Tae [pronounced “Tay”] or Pastor Tae or PT.  Some people call me “Mr. Myagi” [old guy with a goatee in Karate Kid].

I am a pastor, coach, and counselor [over 38 years].  I guess I am an old guy with a goatee!

Hey, let’s have a conversation.

You are welcome to contact me for a free conversation.  Tell me your story, and I will listen.

If your story is about panic and depression, I would love to listen and offer you a real life solution.

If your story is about a failing relationship, I am ready to listen and lay out a realistic plan for you.

And if your story is about becoming a coach or counselor, I definitely want to listen, share the vision, and introduce some great possibilities for you.

Whatever your story is, there are still chapters yet to be written, as God, the author, has much more to write about your life.

Here’s my personal info.

Email > PastorTaeShin@gmail.com

Text > 714 – 696 – 1963

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I am a Reuben sandwich connoisseur.  I have a real passion for cooking with Italian, Mexican, and Asian styles as my three favorites.  I’m an avid gardener with strong interests in landscape design.  I am a sports fan who cares about the LAKERS, Dodgers, college and pro football, and college basketball.  I am on my way (very slowly) to mastering the jump rope and training others in health and fitness.  I am getting ready to test for my black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and it’s taking forever.  I also have a genuine appreciation for music, art, and photography.  I am an obsessed fan of the Italian Hoagie.  I secretly love to do laundry. My family and I reside in California in the United States of America.