Tae Shin is a pastor and counselor.

As an ordained minister, Pastor Tae brings over 30 years of diverse ministry experience, including seminary teaching.  This positions him as uniquely equipped to produce resources and provide the services presented on this site.

His passion is to provide counseling that is based on the sufficiency of Scripture.  This does not mean that he completely rejects all other diagnoses and methods.  But that his main focus and commitment is to apply the Bible to all areas of life.  And so, he provides pastoral counseling also known as biblical counseling and is not a state-licensed therapist.

Over the past 30 years, Pastor Tae has not focused on Asian groups but continues to be blessed by the rich diversity of counseling clients.  The only focus has been on the sufficiency of Scripture for all people.  His video counseling has taken him to all places and situations.

Experience the difference of biblical counseling which provides clear and quick answers for today’s problems and challenges.

Contact him for a free 30 minute consultation.  Or go ahead and secure a counseling session.

Pastor Tae is also the director of the Titus 2 Ministry which is an online resource center for counseling and training future leaders and counselors.  Titus2Ministry.org

PT is also the executive pastor for Classic Faith Ministry which is a para-church ministry that helps people discover their significance and legacy in the second half of life.  ClassicFaithMinistries.org

His interests and hobbies are very broad.  He is a Reuben sandwich connoisseur.  He has a passion for cooking with Italian, Mexican, and Asian styles as his three favorites.  He is an avid gardener with strong interests in landscape design.  He is a sports fan dedicated to the LAKERS, Dodgers, college and pro football, and college basketball.  He is on his way to mastering the jump rope and trains others in health and fitness.  He also has a genuine appreciation for music, art, and photography.  He secretly loves to do laundry.  He and his family reside in California, United States of America.

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